Good Grilling Starts With a Good Flame

Hardwood charcoal made for great grilling experiences

100% Natural Hardwood Charcoal

Made For The Best Grilling Experience


Reliably Consistent


Professional Performance

Looking for The Good Flame?

Spend less time grilling and more time enjoying the BBQ

Healthy Recipes

Simple, Easy & Flavorful
You Won't Believe They're Healthy

Good Ingredients
Are Half The Trick

Learn the secret to cooking
your way to a healthier, longer life

Sustainable Eating is Easier Than You Think

Quick and Easy Ways you can build sustainable living habits both in and out of the kitchen.

Make Sustainable Food Choices (The Easy Way) 

How to Throw a 30th Birthday BBQ

Best Eco-Friendly BBQ Accessories 

About EcoCharcoal™

Your purchase contributes to our mission of helping people make healthier choices and reduce harmful impact on the environment through the embracement of sustainable, eco-friendly grilling.

With an intense focus on all things natural, we have the most coveted certifications from the FSC® and Rainforest Alliance, which attest to our  commitment and philosophy.

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